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An new supporter at MGHI

The Pr. Hemonta Kr. Dutta, MS, M.Ch. who is currently Associate Professor and in-charge of Pediatric Surgery, in the Assam Medical College & Hospital in Dibrugarh has just joined MGHI He is very interested in using metronomics for his patients. Read more about him in the "People" section.


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  1. Join in !

    it’s going to be future of oncology, in developing country

    by dr pushkal dwivedi | 27 June 2011, 09:00

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    1. Join in !

      We think it can help many patients. Our job it to demonstrate it can ! if you share our views : spread the website, contribute, help us & join in !

      by Nicolas André | 30 June 2011, 20:29

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  2. Metformin as a Novel Component of Metronomic Chemotherapeutic Use: A Hypothesis

    I agree with your hypothesis. Moreover, we are presently carrying out some preliminary experiments in murine breast cancer models pointing to demonstrate the utility of metronomic chemotherapy combined with metformin treatment.

    by O. Graciela Scharovsky | 11 June 2012, 19:41

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    1. Metformin as a Novel Component of Metronomic Chemotherapeutic Use: A Hypothesis

      great ! we can’t wait to see the results. Are these data going to be published soon?

      by Nicolas André | 23 June 2012, 11:11

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      1. Metformin as a Novel Component of Metronomic Chemotherapeutic Use: A Hypothesis

        We dont’ have yet enough data to publish the results obtained. What I can say up to now is that combined oral administration of ciclophosphamide and metformin showed significant antitumor effect with a very significant increase in the animals’ survival and with no apparent toxicity, in a mammary adenocarcinoma tumor model. Those results will be presented in a scientific meeting very soon. Experiments for determinig mechanistic issues are planned but still lacking (...waiting for economic support).

        by Graciela Scharovsky | 17 August 2012, 18:16

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  3. Sybille VAN DEN HOVE

    I am very happy to read your articles it’s very useful for me,  and I am completely satisfied with your website.  All comments and articles are very useful and very good. Your blog is very attention-grabbing. I am loving all of the in. turn you are sharing with each one!…. Hospitals in indore

    by medicare hospital | 14 February 2013, 11:19

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  4. AHOPCA is working on a metronomic project

    I am quite interested in contacting Dr Fu. I wor as apediatric oncologist in Yucatan, Mexico, and I have an interest in pallliative care of leukemia in children.

    by PabloGonzalez | 6 March 2013, 17:19

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    1. AHOPCA is working on a metronomic project

      dear Pablo

      I will forward you request to Dr Fu Can you please send me your email address so she can then get in touch with you ?

      by Nicolas André | 6 March 2013, 18:54

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  5. Shripad BANAVALI

    I need assistance to contact Dr Banavali. I am a patient of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia since October 2011,under treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi. I am a female aged 54 years. I have become resistant to Imatinib and was advised to take Dasatinib. After taking Dasatinib 100mg for 2 months, my FISH BCR-ABL result showed 18.5% positivity, but now after total 4 months the results show 40% positivity.

    I would like to seek a consultation with Dr Banavali for my condition. Please assist to share his contact details.

    Thanks and regards

    by Meenakshi | 7 March 2013, 13:52

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    1. Shripad BANAVALI


      Could you please send me your email to the email address mentioned in the Join In post, so i can forward your quesry to Pr Banavali.

      by Nicolas André | 12 March 2013, 14:56

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  6. More on propranolol and neuroblastoma

    Dear Friends,

    your message is encouraging. In my humble opininio, however, I believe we need good in vivo studies in models other than micew and occasional rats Surely humanized mice are informative but they are not enough.

    I wonder if you know of any labs that are testing the effect of propranolol on canine breast tumors - ,benign and malignant; .Breast cancer in dogs sis said to be 30 x more frequent than in women.

    To end this message, I dont have access to the Xu article,could you spare a pdf for me?

    thanks for your attention and keep the good work!

    Michel Rabinovitch,M.D. Escola Paulista de Medicina, UNIFESP

    by Micvhel Rabinovitch, M.D. | 20 January 2014, 21:50

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    1. More on propranolol and neuroblastoma

      thanks for your message. Can you please provide your email address using our MGHI mail address ( so I can send the pdf file of the Xu and al. paper.

      by Nicolas André | 24 January 2014, 09:48

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  7. AHOPCA is working on a metronomic project

    I need to make contact with Dra. Fu. Do you have an email address or fax number for her?

    by Sharon | 23 April 2014, 15:29

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  8. Building a metronomic website

    I’m Justin Tsai, Kelvin’s son. I almost finish the website.

    | 4 April 2017, 04:00

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    1. Building a metronomic website

      Hi Justin Can’t wait to see it !! Cheers

      by Nicolas André | 4 April 2017, 07:51

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  9. Metronomic Chemotherapy vs Best Supportive Care in Progressive Pediatric Solid Malignant Tumors: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

    The design of this study really is a shame. We are still at phase 1 studies, or phase 2 at best for the protocol. That being the case they should test the protocol on cancers for which chemotherapy is known to be effective, as metronomic therapy is intended to make that available to a population of persons who otherwise can not tolerate the negative effects of chemo ... the purpose should not be to cure that which is not curable via standard chemo. It was a study designed to fail by not using the recommended test group. They never make this mistake when testing pharmaceutical company championed drugs. The stated conclusions for the study are also misleading and do not represent the fact that there was a positive response for those cancers that did not originate in the bone.

    by david saul austin | 8 July 2017, 00:42

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  10. 6th International Metronomic Meeting in Grand Rapids

    May I have the program for "6th International Metronomic Meeting in Grand Rapids" by return email?

    by Prof. PC Leung | 16 November 2017, 08:34

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  11. 6th International Metronomic Meeting in Grand Rapids

    Can I have a copy of the Agenda for the 6th International Metronomic Meeting? I was a presenter in the Short Communications section and would appreciate a copy of the brochure that lists names and presentation titles for Short Communication

    by Kshama Doshi | 26 May 2021, 17:16

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