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Drug Repositioning

A model of sustainable drug development: recycling old drugs to turn them into long term anti-cancer targeted therapies Drug repositioning consists in using old drugs for new indications. The theoretical and pragmatic advantages to testing already established drugs for a potential effect on cancer cells are clear. The side-effects are known and have (...)

Immunomodulation and antiangiogenesis in cancer using metronomic chemotherapy. New therapeutic paradigm

This is a post proposed by Dr O Graciela Scharosky relates here the angiogenic and pro-immune effct taht can be obtained with metronomics chemotherapy.

Metronomic Chemotherapy

Metronomic chemotherapy is based on the chronic administration of chemotherapeutic agents at relatively low, minimally toxic doses, and with no prolonged drug-free breaks ■ Metronomic chemotherapy was originally developed to overcome drug resistance by shifting therapeutic target from tumor cells to tumor vasculature ■ In the past decade, several pilot (...)

Metronomic chemotherapy : publications on the rise !

We have just analyzed the number and type of publications about metronomic chemotherapy indexed in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge database from 2000 to 2011. 2000 was the year of the 2 first pre-clinical papers form the team of Judah Folkman and Robert Kerbel reporting about the potential of low dose anti-angiogenic chemotherapy were published. (...)


While there is currently no clear definition of metronomics, it can be defined as the science associated with metronomic scheduling of anticancer treatment (MSAT), which therefore embraces both metronomic chemotherapy (MC) and drug repositioning . By combining MC and drug repositioning, metronomics allow generating innovative treatments targeting both (...)

Metronomics for low income countries : the word is spreading !

Slightly more than a year after the launch of the Metronomic Global Health Initiative and its website, it seems that things are moving on nicely for metronomics. Indeed, the website had over 4000 hits over its first year. Most importantly, our visitors come from all over the world. Thus, we have welcome visitors from more than 350 towns : Abidjan, Adis (...)

Metronomics Global Health Initiative

After 10 years of research and clinical practice in the field of metronomic chemotherapy, Metronomic Global Health Inititiative was founded by Nicolas ANDRE with the persuasive help of Marc Le Menestrel and the support of Eddy PASQUIER Indeed, convinced that thanks to its low toxicities, its low cost, its easy accessibility, and the infinite (...)

Metronomics Global Health Initiative : Ensemble pour le développement de nouvelles stratégies anticancéreuses durables pour les enfants des pays en voie de développement.

vous trouverez ici la traduction de la page d’accueil en français pour les non anglophones.

Metronomics in 2015

Searching for “metronomic" in PubMed lead to the identification 99 publications in 2015. More publications on the topic including those using for instance the term “low dose chemotherapy” are therefore not included in this analysis. The paediatric publications are very limited with only 7 papers published in 2015. Moreover, 4 are pre-clinical studies, one (...)

Reflections from an Expert about Communicating the Initiative

These are notes from a discussion with Katie, a communication expert in the field of Global Health. They show first positive reactions and potentially fruitful ideas to communicate our initiative. Maternal and Child Health (Millenium Development Goals 4 and 5) will be the next big investment on Global Health. Cancer is very well understood in (...)