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Interview of E. Pasquier about propranolol & neuroblastoma

Following the publication of our propranolol paper (see more in the MGHI publications section) Dr Eddy Pasquier has been interviewed by Australian Channel 10.

Is Cancer Care Is Too Expensive For Poor Countries ?

Blogger Questions Whether Cancer Care Is Too Expensive For Poor Countries. In the blog "Humanosphere," Tom Paulson noted that the American Society of Clinical Oncology recently "called upon President Barack Obama to push the United Nations to add cancer to the list of priority diseases in global health." Paulson said that the UN, which is "holding a (...)

’We Can, We Should, We Will Conquer Cancer’

United Nations Department of Public Information Carries Webcast of ’We Can, We Should, We Will Conquer Cancer’

Abandonment of Treatment

A commentary by Michael Paul Link about the following article published in the August issue of The Lancet Oncology : Abandonment of treatment for childhood cancer: position statement of a SIOP PODC Working Group as well as additional discussion can be found here.

ASCO launches the Journal Of Global Oncology

The ASCO journal has just expended its portfolio with The Journal of Global Oncology (JGO). This journal is an online only, open access journal focused on cancer care, research and care delivery issues unique to countries and settings with limited healthcare resources. David Kerr, MD, DSc, is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s new Journal (...)

Bob Kerbel Interview in ETHealthWorld

Metronomic Chemotherapy has shown significant advantages for the quality of life of the cancer patients: Dr. Robert Kerbel Affordability is a big issue everywhere particularly in low and middle income countries. The cost of the new cancer drugs when they get approved and make at the market is rather alarming. Dr. Robert Kerbel, Prof. Depts of (...)

Cancer in developing countries (ESO e-grandround)

A very interesting presentation has been given by Simon Sutcliffe from INCTR Canada with Ian Magrath from INCTR Belgium as a discussant on the 1rst September on the ESO website. you can view the presentatation by clicking here. You will have to regsiter first on the ESO website (...)

Cancer joins AIDS, malaria as global health issue

Cancer joins AIDS, malaria as global health issue The fight against diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis has made Seattle a center for global health. Now, increasingly, the battle is including cancer — which might seem ridiculously impossible. Isn’t it hard enough to fight infectious diseases in poor countries? Can we afford to start talking (...)

Cancer treatment ain’t just for the rich

A recent article by Anuradha Mascarenhas from the Indian Express relates that World Health Organisation added 16 new anti-cancer medicines to the model list of essential medicines (WHO EML). The WHO had created a new global standard for cancer treatment and it was a watershed moment for this network group with 300 members – all below 40 years – from 41 (...)

Death of Evangelos Briassoulis (1953-2016)

Defeated by cancer, Pr Evangelos Briassoulis died at the age of 62 years. Evangelos Briasoulis was director of the Hematology Clinic of the University Hospital, while he directed the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Molecular Oncology of the University Cancer Center biobanks in University of Ioannina and also participated as a member of the European (...)

Metronomy is the next generation targeted therapy: Dr Shripad D. Banavali on ETHEALTHWORLD.COM