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Reflections from an Expert about Communicating the Initiative

These are notes from a discussion with Katie, a communication expert in the field of Global Health. They show first positive reactions and potentially fruitful ideas to communicate our initiative.

Maternal and Child Health (Millenium Development Goals 4 and 5) will be the next big investment on Global Health.

Cancer is very well understood in developed countries. Thus, social networks could be harnessed to get support for the initiative

Cancer is congruent with a grass-root community support, in part because every one knows a family member who has cancer.

Local or national manufacturers in developing countries, who have had a hard time to compete against international pharma, may lobby national governments not to support an initiative that make cheaper drugs available.

There are experiences from which we can learn, for instance the Affordable Medicine Facility (Malaria) AMFM supported by the Global Fund and all major malaria players.