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Reflections from an Expert about Communicating the Initiative

These are notes from a discussion with Katie, a communication expert in the field of Global Health. They show first positive reactions and potentially fruitful ideas to communicate our initiative. Maternal and Child Health (Millenium Development Goals 4 and 5) will be the next big investment on Global Health. Cancer is very well understood in (...)

Venture philanthropy

Giving can make you feel good, giving can make you a better person: you are waiting for the right cause, we can give you the oppotunity be that beter person. If you believe in our action and want to be the one who made it happen by giving us the means to to put it into practice. You can help us by giving financial capital. Funding on a multi-year (...)

Cost of our dreams

Website : 2000 euros/year Establish relevant preclinical model: 60.000 euros Pilot Working Meeting : 40.000 euros Set a clinical study : 300.000 euros PhD grant : 30.000 euros/year Venture Philanthropy : no limit !!!!

Building a metronomic website

We dream about a website that could explain our Metronomics Global Health Initiative, what it can bring to people suffering from cancer and connect people who share our vision....the birth of our project. With this website, we want to prove that we are a team of people who can develop innovative state-of-the-art projects promoting alternative global (...)