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Metronomic Chemotherapy

Metronomic chemotherapy is based on the chronic administration of chemotherapeutic agents at relatively low, minimally toxic doses, and with no prolonged drug-free breaks

■ Metronomic chemotherapy was originally developed to overcome drug resistance by shifting therapeutic target from tumor cells to tumor vasculature

■ In the past decade, several pilot and phase II clinical studies have established the potential efficacy and low toxicity of metronomic chemotherapy in adult and childhood cancer patients

■ Metronomic chemotherapy combined with conventional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or targeted therapy is an emerging anti-cancer strategy

■ Recent findings suggest that metronomic chemotherapy may be a multi- targeted cancer therapy rather than a simple anti-angiogenic therapy

■ In addition to inhibiting tumor angiogenesis, metronomic chemotherapy might also restore anticancer immune response and induce tumor dormancy