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Metronomics Global Health Initiative

After 10 years of research and clinical practice in the field of metronomic chemotherapy, Metronomic Global Health Inititiative was founded by Nicolas ANDRE with the persuasive help of Marc Le Menestrel and the support of Eddy PASQUIER

Indeed, convinced that thanks to its low toxicities, its low cost, its easy accessibility, and the infinite potential of innovation associated with drug repositioning, metronomic chemotherapy was an important strategy to help fighting cancer in developing countries, we pionneered its use in Mali.

We then imaginated Metronomics-Global-Health–Initiative as the structure that could promote the development of metronomics with the highest standards and pave the way for new global strategies to fight cancer in developing countries.

The Metronomics-Global-Health–Initiative aims to :

1) demonstrate that metronomic approach can lead to improve the lives of children with cancer in developing countries and establish it as "a standard of cancer" in some situations. Beyond the metronomic treatments, this approach brings a novel view on cancer disease and cancer cares.

2) gather funding to develop or help developing projects based on metronomic approach to fight cancer in children living in developing countries

3) facilitate cross-sectors partnership we can bring to life projects that will revolutionize management of cancer in low income countries and maybe in turn in industrialized cancer.

4) establish Metronomics-Global-Health–Initiative as a major partner in developing new strategies to fight cancer

Although our main focus, is children suffering from in developing countries, we will also develop and facilitate new projects concerning metronomic treatments in adults and in industrialized countries.