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4th Metronomic Chemotherapy Meeting-Milano 2014

We are pleased to announce that the 4th Metronomic Chemotherapy Meeting will take place in Milano on the 24-25th June in the IFOM-IEO Campus, Milano, Italy. The organisator is Pr Francesco Bertolini, Director of the Laboratory of Hematology/Oncology at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and the Chairs and organizing committee will be composed of Francesco Bertolini, Marco Colleoni, Saverio Cinieri, Nicolas André and Yuval Shaked. A specific website has been set for this event, where registration will be opened soon. The program of the meeting will include preclinical, adult and pediatric oncology, low income country sessions.

The First Barton Kamen Prize will also be given during the meeting. To learn more about it click here

Abstract can be sumitted directly to Full instructions for the abstract can be found here

New information such as dates, expected speakers, preliminary program will be regularly posted.


June 24th

12.50-13.00 F. Bertolini - Welcome and introduction

session 1: The landscape of the field.

Chair: F. Bertolini and L. Hutchinson

13.00-13.30 R. S. Kerbel : Metronomic from 2000 to 2014

13.30-14.00 Y. Shaked - Preclinical new hypotheses

14.00-14.30 L. Hutchinson, editor of “Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology”: Metronomic needs from the perspective of an editor

Session 2: breast cancer, pediatric cancer and models.

Chairs: M. Colleoni and N. Andrè

14.30-15.00 M. Colleoni - Clinical Overview on the metronomic experience in breast cancer

15.00-15.30 E. Munzone: Present and future trials in breast cancer

15.30-16.00 G. Curigliano: Metronomic chemotherapy for lymphangitic breast cancer

16.00-16.30 coffee break

16.30-17.00 G. Brandi – Metronomic chemotherapy for hepatocellular carcinomas

17.00-18.00 F. Berthold and J. Sterba : Pediatric metronomic therapy

18.00-18.30 U. Ledzewicz: Mathematical models for chemotherapy

18.30-19.00 Ugo Cavallaro: New Players and targets in Tumor Vasculature

19.00-19.30 Barton Kamen-MGHI Prize

June 25th

session 3: Biomarkers and repositioning.

Chair R. S. Kerbel and Y. Shaked

09.00-9.30 G. Bocci - Biomarkers for Metronomic chemotherapy

09.30-11.00 N. André-A.Eniu-S.Banavali - Metronomics and low/middle income countries

11.00 - 11.30 coffee break

11.30-12.00 E. Pasquier : Is drug repositioning metronomic?

12.00-12.30 F. Bertolini: Repositioning: Metronomic therapy beyond metronomic chemotherapy

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Session 4: More types of cancer and selected presentations.

Chair: S. Cinieri and S.Banavali

13.30-14.00 M. Villalba: tailored metronomic approaches for acute leukemia

14.00-14.40 N. Fazio and A. Berruti: Metronomic chemotherapy for endocrine and neuroendocrine tumors

14.40-17.00 Oral presentation session with 7 talks 15+5 min

17.00-17:30 Round table: where do we go from here. Questions and answers R.S. Kerbel, F. Bertolini, M. Colleoni, S. Cinieri, N. Andrè, Y. Shaked. S. Banavali

17.30: Concluding remarks