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Barbara BILLER

Pr Barbara Biller is currently Associate Professor of Oncology in the Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, USA

She got a B.A. in Biochemistry/Cell Biology at the University of California, San Diego then D.V.M at the University of Wisconsin, Madison a MS in Clinical Veterinary Oncology from the University of Illinois, Urbana and a PhD in immunology from the Colorado State University. She was the Secretary/Treasurer from the Veterinary Cancer Society from 2010 to 2013 and received the Veterinary Cancer Society Basic Science Research Award in 1997 and n Outstanding Oral Presentation award at the CVMBS Research Day, Colorado State University in 2007. Barbara is the author of over 15 publications.

As a veterinary oncologist, Barbara has extensive experience in conducting clinical trials, including study design and implementation, oversight of staff, patient care and data collection and analysis. The Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University is highly regarded for its ability to perform translational research and conducts 15 to 25 externally funded clinical trials each year, comprising approximately 200 patients. In addition, our large oncology caseload (more than 1500 patients annually) assures rapid patient accrual. She has considerable expertise in the development of novel canine immunological assays and reagents, such as the identification of the canine regulatory T lymphocyte population using a flow cytometric assay.