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Bishnu D. PAUDEL

Dr. Bishnu D. Paudel is Professor of Medical Oncology in National Academy of Medical Sciences in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In his leadership Medical Oncology Fellowship started in Nepal. He was the first oncologist from Nepal get ASCO IDEA award in 2004. Besides oncology he also works to develop palliative care in Nepal. He is visiting consultant of Thankot Hospice and Vice President of Nepalese Association of Palliative care. He has strong feeling that oral morphine, which is economical and effective to control cancer pain, should be available and accessible to all cancer patients of the world.

From 2008-12 he worked as IPPF of University of Wisconsin, USA, and co-ordinated with ministry of health, Nepalese drug company and different people and organizations to start production of oral morphine in Nepal since 2009.

He was awarded first South Asia Palliative Care award in 2012. He has several publications in national and International Journals.