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Ecancer-MGHI "metronomic" interview series

MGHI and Ecancer have agreed to work together to make a series of interviews of the most influent clinicians and researchers involved in the field of metronomics who will gather for the 4th Metronomic Meeting in Milano next June.

Ecancer is the leading oncology channel committed to improving cancer communication and education with the goal of optimising patient care and outcomes. By using the latest technologies Ecancer works closely with leading figures in oncology to inform and educate the global cancer community.

Together with Lara Finan Senior Publisher and Dr Linda Cairns Science Editor from ecancermedicalscience; we aim at providing views of experts about a broad range of topics related to metronomics to foresee the future of metronomics in adults and in children living either in rich or low/middle income countries. We also wish to hilight key issues such as :
- how does metronomics work ?
- what is research on metronmics aiming at ?
- in which diseases have the best results been obtained so far?
- at what stage of treatment is it best to give metronomics ?
- can metronomic be combined with modern therapies such as immunotherapy and TKI?
- what is drug repositioning ? ....

The interviews will be posted both on the Ecancer website and on the MGHI website, shortly after the meeting.