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MGHI and the Cannes-Nice Marathon

Why MGHI would be running a marathon ?

Well can you think of anything more metronomic than running regularly, step after step, seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, hours after hours for 42.2 km (26.2 miles) ?

So, to be fully metronomic and why not raise a little money, we have set a MGHI team to go running the [Nice-Cannes marathon] along the French Riviera coast on the 10th of November.

9 committed runners trained hard : 3 for the first full marathon of their life (Séverine LeMenestrel, Julie Szczot and Nicolas André) and 6 runners (Laetitia Padovani, Xavier Murraciole, Marianne Vilpini, Céline Ratineau, Marc Gereys and Julien Charier) relayed for 3 others marathons. 2 of of runners could not make it on D-day for logistic reasons but otherwise all runners achieved their goal and completed 5 marathons, more than 200km proudly wearing our brand new MGHI T-shirts.

I you want to support us click here (in french) or here (in english) that willtake you on the official institutional pediatric oncology healthcare network (RESOP). The money raised will be dedicated to paediatric metronomic projects in low and middle income countries.