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Marcello Delitala is permanent researcher at the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy. His research activity is mainly devoted to model complex systems in applied sciences, analyzing the mathematical problems which can arise from the application of models to the real world phenomena, developing computer simulations and suitable software tools.

In particular, the research activity on the mathematical modeling of biological systems, as for instance multicellular systems is mainly developed from an evolutionary viewpoint. The cellular competition for resources and survival is studied as a Darwinian selection type between several populations, which leads to the selection of the more fitting populations in a given biological context. Applications related to biology and medicine, such as the tumor cells dynamics, the role of specific therapeutic agents, the action of the immune system, the competition tumor cells - immune system, cell motility are developed. In general, aspects of complexity in the biological sciences are object of study and modeling. In addition to the modeling activity, a qualitative analysis of the computational and mathematical problems generated by the application of these models is performed, aimed at highlighting adherence to the reality of the proposed model, exploring possible emergent behaviors.

The research activity has been acknowledged both by the Italian and by the international scientific community as listed in various awards (see At present, Delitala is the Principal Investigator of the FIRB (Italian Ministry of Research and University) project related to the ERC starting grant on the modelling of tumor-immune competition.