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The "Metronomic" special issue of the Indian Journal of Cancer is out !

We are very glad to announce that the "Metronomic special issue" initiated by the Indian Journal of Cancer has been released. You may find below the titles of the articles (reviews, case reports, series) contained in this issue. All articles can be freely assessed on the website of the journal here. This is the very first metronomic special ever published, and we are very happy it is about metronomic in LMIC, further highlighting the growing interest in this approach. We are also very proud to have been commissioned to write an accompanying editorial.

Table of Contents

- Metronomics in low and middle income countries: India showing the way! N André, E Pasquier

- Association between baseline VEGF/sVEGFR-2 and VEGF/TSP-1 ratios and response to metronomic chemotherapy using cyclophosphamide and celecoxib in patients with advanced breast cancer HA Perroud, MJ Rico, CM Alasino, SM Pezzotto, VR Rozados, OG Scharovsky

- Efficacy and safety of metronomic administration of paclitaxel for advanced recurrent non-small-cell lung cancer V Noronha, VM Patil, A Joshi, K Prabhash

- Metronomic weekly paclitaxel in advanced unresectable esophageal cancer V Noronha, V Patil, B Bhosale, A Joshi, N Purandare, K Prabhash

- Oral metronomic scheduling of anticancer therapy-based treatment compared to existing standard of care in locally advanced oral squamous cell cancers: A matched-pair analysis PS Pai, AD Vaidya, K Prabhash, SD Banavali

- Metronomic therapy: Chemotherapy revisited V Noronha, MV Krishna, V Patil, A Joshi, SD Banavali, K Prabhash

- Can combination metronomic therapy overcome chemoresistance in cholangiocarcinoma? A literature review SD Banavali, NR Patil, VS Nirabhawane, BB Bhosale, SB Desai

- Is there a role for metronomic induction (and maintenance) therapy in elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia? A literature review N Tandon, S Banavali, H Menon, S Gujral, PA Kadam, A Bakshi