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Pr Amany Mohamed Ali is Associate Professor of Pediatric Oncology. She is currently the Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, South Egypt Cancer Institute, in the Assiut University, EGYPT

She completed her Master degree of general pediatric in 1996 and MD degree of pediatric oncology in 2007

She has working in the Pediatric Oncology at Pediatric Oncology Department, Assiut University, South Egypt Cancer Institute (SECI) from 1996 to now.

She is also the Coordinator of Academic teaching standard of pediatric oncology in Quality Assurance Unit of South Egypt Cancer Institute and member of the Scientific Research Unit, the Ethical committee, the postgraduate studies and research committee and the Institute council of South Egypt Cancer Institute.

She has recently completed and published a trial about the combination of metronomic chemotherapy and radiotherapy as a palliative approach.