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Urszula Ledzewicz holds a rank of the Distinguished Research Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, United States.

She is an author and co-author of over 140 research publications in the field of optimal control, many of them on applications to biomedical problems like finding optimal protocols for various treatments of cancer. For the last 20 years her research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation of the United States.

She has given over 150 presentations, many plenary ones, all over the world. Most recently she and her co-author, Heinz Schaettler published a monograph by Springer as well as edited a book "Mathematical Methods and Models in Biomedicine". She is on nine editorial boards of various scientific journals and have done service to the scientific community by co-organizing workshops on mathematical methods in systems biology like one in Tel Aviv in2010 and Cape Town 2012.

Her research is in collaboration with Heinz Schaettler from Washington University, St.Louis, United States. They are both interested to see how their expertise in finding optimal protocols for mathematical models of cancer treatment can help in analyzing and understanding metronomic chemotherapy.