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Yuliya Snihur is a PhD student at the IESE Business School, currently working on her thesis dissertation on the topic of business model innovation under the supervision of Professor Zott. Yuliya has been presenting her work regularly at EGOS and SMS Conferences since 2010 and will be organizing a panel for the Academy of Management Conference in Boston on business model innovation in 2012. Yuliya earned her undergraduate degrees in international business with distinction from the Reims Management School (France) and from the Northeastern University (USA), as well as her Master of Research in Management from the IESE Business School (Spain). Before starting her PhD, she has worked as a financial professional for Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, the Gillette Company, as well as consulting for several SMEs in the USA, France, and Belgium. Yuliya has also been teaching strategy to undergraduate and Master-level students at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona since 2011.