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the International School of Metronomic Chemotheray - ISMe

We are delightred to e to introduce you “The International School of metronomic chemotherapy – ISMe”. This initiative is being lead by Dr. Marina Elena Cazzaniga.

ISMe’s Core Faculty are all well recognized experts in the field of metronomic chemotherapy or are active participants of ongoing trials exploring new areas of research.

ISME has the aim to improve the knowledge in this particular type of treatment, its characteristic mechanisms of action, the most recent results in different types of cancer, as well as contributing to scientific exchange among physicians, clinicians and basic researchers involved in this field. By improving the skills of all health professionals dealing with cancer patients, ISMe helps shorten the time needed to transfer knowledge from research centres to daily practice. Last but not least, is that the School has no charging fees. ISMe planned to start activities in 20198, providing independent, evidence based, patient-oriented education to health professionals, including clinical and medical oncologists, radiation therapists, surgeons, nurses, patients advocates and medical students on the topic of metronomic chemotherapy. Due to unmet educational needs outside Europe, ISMe will include the Eurasia region, Mediterranean region, North and South Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, and Central/South America as part of a wider “cultural Europe” in its educational activities. Education will be delivered through e-learning activities.

ISMe is a distance learning school completely focused on spreading knowledge on metronomic chemotherapy, both at a pre-clinical and a clinical level. Depending on location ISMe will provide web-based training (WBT), or computer-based training (CBT). ISMe Educational Program is composed of 12 different Modules. Each Module is organized and chaired by a Faculty Member, previously presented and approved by the Scientific Committee. Each Module can be attended separately from the others, even if the suggestion of the School is to attend each of them in sequence. The training material consist of webinar recordings, pdf, literature and case studies. The school permits to obtain EACCME® credits, as long as the attendee performs at least 10 out of 12 online modules and relative tests (multiple choice).

Here are the planned topic modules : 1. Pre-clinical data (1) – Robert Kerbel, Eddy Pasquier

2. Pre-clinical data (2) – Yuval Shaked, Bertolini Francesco, J Ciccolini

3. Pre-clinical data (3) – Guido Bocci, Maria Grazia Cerrito

4. Breast cancer (1) – neo&adjuvant – E. Munzone ,E. Montagna, L. Sven, M. Cazzaniga

5. Breast cancer (2) – metastatic– M. Cazzaniga, E. Petru , P. Sanchez-Rovira, E. Munzone

6. Lymphomas – Pediatric cancer – Nicolas André, Cox Christina, F. Berthold, J. Sterba

7. Colon and gastrointestinal cancers–Piotr Wysocki, Woo In Sook

8. Gynecologic cancers – Piotr Wysocki, Łukasz Kwinta, Pawel Potocki

9. Prostate Cancer – Camerini Andrea, Urban Emmenegger

10. Lung cancer – Camerini Andrea, Francesco Grossi

11. Nursing care –Marina Cazzaniga, Lourein Smit

12. Pharmacoeconomic – M. Cazzaniga, R. Umberto, P. Pantziarka, E. Pasquier

You can find the dedicated website here