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Change mentality : cancer is not a fatility in low income countries

In low income countries, for parents, for patients, cancer is a sentence. An anticipated long way to painful and distressing death, because treatment and care are lacking. Unless we take action now to make a difference, the existing health care infrastructure in low income countries will be overwhelmed by the predicted increase in cancer incidence. According to WHO, when it comes to cancer, approximatlively 1/3 of the patients could be prevented, 1/3 could be effectively treated with early diagnosis and 1/3 could have their quality of life improved with palliative treatments and care. The Metronomics Global Health Inititative aims to demonstrate that with metronmic strategies we can contribute to improving the lives of children living developing countries by achieving large scale and sustainable impact that in turn will change the vision of cancer in thses coutnries. Ultimately, once convinced taht cancer is not fatility, people will be ready for early diagnosis and prevention.