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Join in !

if you share our vision, if you think you can help us to make our dream come true, if you think we can help you with your own projects.

do not hesitate.

Contact us :

Nicolas ANDRE Service d’Hématologie et Oncologie Pédiatrique

Hôpital pour Enfants de La Timone

AP-HM, Marseille


mail :

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  1. Join in !

    it’s going to be future of oncology, in developing country

    by dr pushkal dwivedi | 27 June 2011, 09:00

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    1. Join in !

      We think it can help many patients. Our job it to demonstrate it can ! if you share our views : spread the website, contribute, help us & join in !

      by Nicolas André | 30 June 2011, 20:29

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